Q4-2022 FDP Charter Exam Registration is Closed

Early Registration for Q2-2023 FDP Exam

Opens Dec 7, 2022

The FDP curriculum provides breadth and depth by requiring candidates to complete online classes as part of the FDP Charter.

In order to receive the FDP Charter, candidates must successfully complete the FDP Exam and complete online classes covering the basics of Python or R programming. The online classes are offered by three approved providers. 

The classes can be completed before or after the FDP exam**. Depending on the candidate’s background, it is estimated to take 12 hours to complete the online classes. No programming background is required to complete the online classes. As of now, the pre-selected online classes offered by the following organizations have been approved by the FDP Institute.  

    The following third-party providers offer the training. Research each provider and select the one most aligned with your preferred learning style. Select only one provider. Each provider offers free trials for you to experience their learning platform.

    Check Errata for Online Class Updates Here

    Last Updated September 12, 2022

    After you complete each class, you will receive a certificate from the provider. These Certificates of Completion must be submitted using this form for verification.

    Upon verification you will receive an email confirmation from the FDP Institute. 

    Candidates can choose between
    either two (2) R or
    two (2) Python classes.
    Independent study
    Pre-recorded videos and texts
    Start any time
    Candidate determines cost (based on speed)

    Candidates can choose between
    either four (4) R or
    four (4) Python classes. 

    Independent study
    Pre-recorded videos and texts
    Start any time
    Candidate determines cost (based on speed)

    Click here for discount access

    One course with 12 required sessions
    New courses start each month featuring dedicated expert instructors. Sessions are recorded for review or if you miss a session. 

    Base cost (see Metis website for pricing)

    **There are no Python or R programming questions on the exam.
    ** No programming experience is required to start your FDP Designation journey

    Programming Languages, R Vs Python: What's the Difference?  
    R and Python are both open-source programming languages with a large community. R is mainly used for statistical analysis while Python provides a more general approach to data science. R and Python are state of the art in terms of programming language oriented towards data science.  As you decide which online courses you will complete as part of the FDP Charter requirements inquire at your current place of employment or future desired place of employment which system they use. 

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