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Digital Badges 

FDP Institute Digital Badges Program 

Show Off Your Achievements—Get Insider Job Market Information

The globally recognized FDP designation, validates that you are a finance professional that has demonstrated expertise and understanding in the implementation and application of AI and Machine Learning methodologies in finance. And, you worked hard to earn it—why not show everyone your accomplishment?

Now you can quickly and easily share verified proof of your distinguished FDP credential wherever and whenever you choose. The FDP Institute has partnered with Credly to provide you with a digital badge that proudly displays your professional qualifications and achievements. Plus, your badge comes with valuable job market information so that you can keep your career moving forward.

How Do I Claim My Badge?
Digital badges are released the last Friday of every month, you will receive an email from Credly notifying you that the FDP Institute has issued you a badge. Click the Accept button in the email which will take you to the Credly website where you will be able to create an account and claim your badge.

If you did not receive an email from Credly within four weeks of completing your Charterholder requirements or need support, contact or review the FAQ.  

Your badge is a digital version of your certification, skills and qualifications.

It allows you to easily show your colleagues, friends or potential employers:

    • When you earned the certification
    • What key skills are associated with the certification
    • What it takes to qualify for the certification
    • The work you do to actively maintain the certification

You can share your badge on LinkedIn, Facebook, X (formerlyTwitter), in an email signature or embed it in a website. And, you can share your accomplishment with anyone, anywhere—it’s up to you!

Stay Competitive and Find More Opportunities

Your digital badge also provides you with useful labor market insights that you can leverage to advance your career. The Credly platform allows you to access information such as:

    • Job openings that are looking for your FDP designation 
    • Salaries you can expect to earn
    • Which employers are looking for individuals with your skills

Make the badge work for you!

Thanks to services like ZipRecruiter and Indeed, the job search process is harnessing the power of AI to screen candidates and match them with available jobs. To keep pace with the change, resumes are becoming skills-based and moving away from employment chronology.

Digital badges provide an opportunity: 

* for employees to compile metadata on specific skills they've acquired, and

* for employers to take a deeper dive into their candidate pools.  Digital badges provide that much-needed context for the employer to determine which specific skills a candidate has. 

Badges reinforce organizational credibility by showing that they value continuing education and lifelong learning. 

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