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Important Program Update: With a near revolution in AI and machine learning and their implications for the financial industry, it is the right time to be taking a full inventory of our curriculum readings and learning objectives, as the relevancy of our curriculum must never be compromised.

After the April 2024 exam session closes, the administration of exams will pause while this review is taking place. The FDP Institute, its website, and educational activities such as webinars, will continue to be available. Learn more here.

Here you'll find answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive from Candidates and industry professionals. If you don't find what you need here, please email us at

FDP Profile 
Why should I create an FDP Profile?
- You will be informed of new exam dates, study tools, registration dates, upcoming webinars and changes to the FDP Charter.

- You can work on completing your online class requirements and add the certificates to your profile. 

- If you have an FDP profile, you are eligible for a 10% discount on the CAIA Fundamentals of Alternative Investment Course. To request this discount, please see the details to the right or address inquiries to

How much does the FDP Profile cost?
The FDP Profile is free. You can delete it at any time.  

FDP Charter 
Will I receive an FDP Charter in the mail upon successful completion of the program?
Candidates will receive their Charter via mail to the address listed in your FDP Profile. 

What are the benefits of earning the FDP Charter?
Machine learning and big data will play increasingly important roles in the financial industry. Key ways that data science can provide value to the financial industry include risk management, customer insights, trading strategies and operations optimization.  The FDP designation will provide you with the knowledge and the skills you will need to stand out in your field. As the FDP Institute expands, additional benefits will be offered to FDP Charterholders.

I have completed my exam, when will I receive my exam results? 
Exam results are shared approximately 5 weeks after the last exam day (including Remote Proctor Testing days). You could use this time to complete online class requirements.

I have successfully passed my FDP Exam, now what? 

  1. Candidates must complete the online class requirements and submit their certificates for verification.  
  2. Those that pass the FDP exam are required to complete the following: 
  • Complete and sign the Code of Ethics (COE)
  • Submit two professional or educational references. This is not a request for recommendations, the only requirement for your references is that they have relevant information regarding your professional or academic experience. A recommendation letter is not required, only the contact information including name, title, company/academic institution, e-mail and phone number.  We do not contact professional references on a routine basis. However, we reserve the right to contact all references if we perform a random audit. 

Link to submit the online class certificates for verification is here.

Link to sign the COE and submit professional/educational references is here.

How do I obtain my FDP designation?

Candidates who complete the online class requirements and successfully pass the FDP exam are eligible to complete the Charterholder process, this includes completing the Code of Ethics and submitting two professional or educational references (see above).

When can I start using the FDP designation?
Once the Charterholder process application has been approved and you have been notified by FDPI, you have earned the right to use the FDP designation. You will receive an email confirming your new FDP Charterholder status. At this time, we are not a membership organization, and there are no annual dues.  

Registration & Fees
When can I register for the FDP exam?
You can Register for the Exam at any time when registration is open. You will have access to the Study Guide, Curriculum Materials, Practice Questions and the Sample Exam.  

When is the next FDP exam
Please check Registration, Exam Dates & Fees. 

What are the required readings for the upcoming exam?
The required readings can be found in the Study Guide 

What materials do I need to prepare for the FDP Exam?  
The FDP curriculum and Study Guide are the only preparation materials endorsed by the FDP Institute and are the Candidate’s best source of information regarding what content is eligible to be tested on the FDP exam. All the content on the FDP exam comes directly from the FDP curriculum readings. 

Will there be a sample exam?
Yes. We have online exercises which include Practice Questions and a Sample Exam. The Sample exam is representative of the actual exam, and the relative distribution of questions by topic is consistent with the topic weights on the actual exam, as published in the Study Guide. 

How many hours of study should I expect?
Depending on your experience, we are estimating approximately 200+ hours for your FDP exam.  

Online Classes  
When can I start with my online classes? 
You can start at any time and upload your certificates once you've set up a Profile. 

How long can I take to complete the online classes?
Classes may be taken at any time and certificates do not expire. Charterholder status is not accessible until certificates are received and verified.

Are R or Python easy to learn for beginners?
Yes! Both are easy to learn. Both offer excellent readability and uncluttered simple-to-learn syntax which helps beginners to utilize this programming language.

I am experienced in (R) (Python), do I still have to complete the prerequisite courses? 
Please contact us at with your history and experience for consideration. 

Do I have to have R or Python experience to complete the online classes?
No experience is required to start the classes.

How do I submit my Certificates of Completion for the online classes ? 
Upon completion of the required online classes, your Certificates of Completion should be submitted by completing this form. After verification by the FDP staff, you will receive confirmation via email. 

Schedule Your Exam Seat 
When can I Schedule my Exam Seat? 
At least 1 business day after exam enrollment payment, please note that exam eligibility is not processed on weekends or holidays.

Am I able to defer or postpone my FDP exam to a future FDP exam session?

No, retakes and deferrals are not available after April 2024 for Candidates who are unable to sit for their exam. 

Where are the FDP exam locations and do you offer Remote Proctor Testing (RPT)?An overview of Prometric Global Test Centers can be found here. Each exam window offers two RPT days.  

Whom should I contact, and when, if I have a disability or require special accommodations?
Individuals with disabilities are entitled to a reasonable accommodation to ensure that they have full and equal access to the educational resources of the FDP Institute. 
Individuals with disabilities wishing to request a reasonable testing accommodation must contact Candidate Services at at least six (6) weeks before the first day of the testing window for the exam registered. Learn more here.

 The request should be made after registering for the exam and before scheduling an exam appointment with the testing provider.  For more information about how to request reasonable testing accommodations,  in the Candidate Policy Manual on

CAIA Members
Do I have to be a CAIA member to pursue my FDP credential?  
No, a CAIA membership is not required. We do however offer CAIA members a discount. Check here for details.

How can I get the CAIA member discount?
During the FDP exam registration dates, e-mail FDP at, include your FDP Profile number + CAIA ID number, the FDP team will process the discount for you. Upon confirmation of the applied discount you will receive your adjusted invoice reflecting the CAIA discount.

How do I obtain a CAIA membership? 
After you have successfully completed the CAIA Level I and CAIA Level II exam you are able to apply for CAIA Membership. Learn more about the CAIA membership and its advantages.

FDP General
Does FDP offer discounts for other designation holders such as CFA?
We do not offer discounts to CFA members at this time. We continue to explore our opportunities. Your CFA Society can always reach out to us for a group discount at

What is the proper way to use the FDP mark?
You may use FDP after your name with or without the registered marks. Proper: Sloan Adams® -OR- Sloan Adams, FDP 
For details on the proper usage of the FDP marks, please refer to the Intellectual Property Policy in the Policy section of our website. 

Can I pay with a wire or check?
In lieu of paying by credit card, you can also pay your examination fee by wire or by check.  Be advised your exam registration will be incomplete until the wire/check is received and clears the banking system.

Domestic Wire Information:

Wire to:  TD Bank, N.A. Wilmington, Delaware
Account Name: CAIA Association, Inc.
ABA: 031101266
Account Number: 825-4244268

International Wire Information:
Account Name: CAIA Association, Inc.
Our Address: 11 Amity Street, Amherst, MA  01002
Account Number: 825-4244268
Beneficiary Bank SWIFT Code: NRTHUS33XXX
Beneficiary Bank: TD Bank N.A.,  243 Triangle Street, Amherst, MA  01002

Mail your check / cheque to:
FDP Institute Accounts Receivable
c/o CAIA, Inc.
PO Box 1296
Amherst, MA  01004

As an FDP Profile  you are eligible to 10% off your Fundamentals of Alternative Investments course. 

CAIA Fundamentals Registration and Discount Code Instructions Go to:

  1. Click “Enroll”
  2. Click the price of “Fundamentals of Alternative Investments – Individual” and “Added to Cart”
  3. At bottom left of screen “Coupon Code”: Enter discount code FDPAccount10 and click “Apply”
  4. Click “Proceed to Checkout”. If you do not have an account, click “Sign Up” and then click “Proceed to Checkout”

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