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The benefits of your completing your Fundamentals of Alternative Investments (FAI) Certificate are with you for every step of your career.

Those who have successfully completed their Fundamentals of Alternative Investments certificate are eligible to a 15 percent discount on the FDP exam registration fee. It is a valuable benefit when you consider registering for the FDP exam.

If you have successfully completed  your Fundamentals of Alternative Investments Certificate and want to register for the FDP exam, follow these steps:

    1. Email us at to let us know you are interested in registering for the exam.
    2. Create an FDP Profile.
    3. Within the email, please verify your login e-mail for your FAI Certification. Our team will verify your discount eligibility and process the discount.
    4. After we approve you for the discount, we will send you an invoice.

Note: No discount can be provided after the Enrollment and Registration fees have been marked as paid. 

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