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Alpha Development is excited to announce that we have signed a definitive agreement with CAIA Association entrusting us with the future growth and strategic development of the FDP Charter program. We bring over 20 years of expertise in global financial services training and look forward to offering this unique and differentiated program. Read all about it here.

Errata to the Candidate Study Guide

Errata to the FDP Candidate Study Guide & Associated Readings

Please consult the authors' errata pages for up to date changes to reading materials:

1. Data Science for Business Errata 

Please note the book has updated the calculation on page 54 so the errata note is no longer applicable, the book is now correct.  Adopting the change in the errata would make the calculation incorrect.

2. Introduction to Statistical Learning Errata

3. Machine Learning in Business: An Introduction to the World of Data Science Errata

March 21, 2024

Study Guide, page 86, Appendix A - Section 6.3.1.C change the (1-significance level) with just "significance level" in both numerator and denominator for the second equation.  Correct version as follows:

March 5, 2024

Study Guide, page 74, Appendix A - Section 2.4.3.D the second appearance of the word "one-step " highlighted below should be "two-step" . Correct version as follows:


May 15, 2023

Please note the following typographical error in the book "Machine Learning in Business: An Introduction to the World of Data Science" by John Hull on page 118. 

"Gaussian radial bias function (RBF)" should be read as "Gaussian radial basis function (RBF)"

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