Q4-2021 FDP Exam: Registration is now closed
Q2-2022 FDP Exam: Registration opens November 25th

The FDP Candidate Handbook contains all the information you need to navigate through the FDP Charter curriculum. Consider it a ready-reference or road map to follow to successfully complete the program. You may want to print this handbook or bookmark this page so that you can refer to it when you have questions.

This handbook provides information about the FDP curriculum, tips on how to study for the exam, the structure of the exam, and what to bring for the exam. Thoroughly reading this handbook will ensure that your FDP experience will be both pleasant and rewarding.


The exam session is divided into several parts, as described below. Testing must begin once you are seated at the computer. Each session begins with an administration period, during which you will be presented with a Nondisclosure Agreement and instructions explaining how to navigate the exam. To preview the Nondisclosure Agreement and exam instructions, see Appendix C of this handbook.

The exam is divided into two (2) sections, separated by an optional break.
     - Part I: 135 minutes for 80 multiple choice questions     
     - Part II: 65 minutes for 3 constructive response questions 

During each section, the allotted time for the section will appear in the upper right portion of your exam screen and will count down to zero by seconds. Once the allotted time for a section has expired, you will not be able to return to that section to change or submit answers. After you complete each section, you will have time to provide comments about the exam.

Candidates may pace themselves as they wish within each section, and they may answer questions within a section in any order they choose. Candidates have different strategies for managing their exam time. One strategy is to work quickly through a section, targeting questions that the candidate is confident on and flagging others for later review. The candidate can then go back and work through flagged questions with remaining time. You may have other strategies with which you are comfortable; use the strategy that works best for you. 

The Handbook provides all the information you need to successfully complete the program and earn your FDP Charter. Download and print it or bookmark this page.

Download the FDP Candidate Handbook here

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