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DigitalHUB Newsletter

This newsletter – Digital HUB – is dedicated to the digital transformation of industries and implications for companies, people and society.  It is intended to provide currated insights into topics such as: AI and Machine Learning, Crypto Assets and blockchain in the context of practical applications.  

NOVEMBER 2022 Newsletter

The Takeaway - AI is impacting so many aspects of our everyday work/life from healthcare to bio med to arts and music to finance and to the stars. This technology is unlike any other we have experienced due to its wide ranging impact.  While exciting new opportunities, extra care should be given on how we use this powerful tool.  The distinction between reality and AI driven world is blurring as we speak.

From Molecules to Drugs: AI Is Making Its Way Into Drug Discovery

Image Credit: Generate Biomedicines

90% of new drug discoveries fail in trials with average of $1 billion and 10 years spent for each. Big data and AI, help scientists match drug molecules with targets and simulate how it will work in the body. Large pharma are betting big on this tech to accelerate the pace of drug development, reducing discovery costs and getting new drugs into the market faster.  Read More

Bank of New York Mellon is now open for crypto business and becoming the first large U.S. bank to safeguard digital assets alongside traditional investments. The bank will store the crypto keys required to access and transfer those assets and provide other custodian services.  The move marks an important milestone for traditional banks' acceptance of digital assets as a legitimate market and a source of new business. Read More

America’s Oldest Bank Will Hold That Crypto Now!

Image Credit: WSJ, Istock/Getty Images

New AI Can Hear a Snippet of Song—and Then Keep on Playing!

Image Credit:  Stable Diffusion, Harmonai

A new AI system can create natural-sounding speech and music after being prompted with a few seconds of audio.The technique, called AudioLM, generates naturalistic sounds without the need for human annotation or training. The technique shows promise for auto-generating music to accompany videos. You can listen to some examples here.  Read More

This image was created using an AI program and printed on canvas.  The AI images are created from textual descriptions, creating a new medium.  The new tech fuels the debate about the nature of art and what it means to be an artist.This is similar to the new medium created by the invention of cameras VS the brush and pencil.  You can now sign up for the image generation program from Openai hereRead More

An AI-Generated Painting Wins Art Contest!

Image Credit: Jason Allen "Théâtre d’Opéra Spatial"

Some Stars Save the Best for Last! 

JamesWebb Captures Dying Star’s Final ‘Performance’ in Fine Detail

Credit: NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope has revealed details of the Southern Ring planetary nebula previously hidden from astronomers. Webb’s powerful infrared view brings this nebula’s second star into full view, along with exceptional structures created as the stars shape the gas and dust around them. These details from the late stages of a star’s life, help us understand how they evolve and transform their environment. The points of light seen here are galaxies — not stars.  Read More

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