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Discover more about the FDP Institute, learn about the rapid AI & Machine Learning changes in world of finance. 

Alternative Data 

Alternative Data for Private Equity
Learning Journey! Curation of readings, webinars, conversations and third party sources around one topic

Using Alternative Data and Machine Learning in Alternative Asset Classes
All About Alpha | March 2020 | Keith Black, CAIA, CFA, FDP

Managing the Data Supply Chain
FDP Institute | March 2020 | Ganesh Mani, Ph.D. | Mehrzad Mahdavi, Ph.D., 

Alternative Data: Don't Bark Up The Wrong Tree (too early)! 
FDP Institute | February 2020 Ganesh Mani, Ph.D. 

Big Data is A Big Deal
All About Alpha | February 2020 | Keith Black, CAIA, CFA, FDP

The Times They Are A-Changin' - A Conversation about Autonomous Learning Investment Strategies
FDP Institute | January 2020 | Michael Oliver Weinberg, CFA 

Machine Learning 

Evolution of Quantitative and Machine Learning Strategies in Investment Management
FDP Institute | April 2020 | Rick Roche, CAIA | Kathryn Wilkens, CAIA 

Machine Learning, Quant Models, and ESG Factors: Who Uses Them and What Data Do They Mine?
All About Alpha | Keith Black, CAIA, CFA, FDP

Machine Learning Is Not Magic - It Is Just a Tool!
All About Alpha | March 2020 | Keith Black, CAIA, CFA, FDP


Crypto Market - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

FDP Institute | Mehrzad Mahdavi

Do More With Data: Modern Asset Management with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
FDP Institute | Mehrzad Mahdavi

Connecting the Dots with Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Graphs
FDP Institute | Mehrzad Mahdavi

Seeking to Predict Recessions? Focus on the Forest - Not the Trees

All About Alpha | July 2020 | Keith Black, CAIA, CFA, FDP 

A Walk Through The Woods with Joe Simonian. What does ML have to do with Fama and French?
All About Alpha | March 2020 | Keith Black, CAIA, CFA, FDP 

Quantitative ESG Investing
Panagora & FDP Institute | April 2020| Mike Chen, Ph.D. | George Mussalli, CFA, PanAgora Asset Management, Inc. | Mehrzad Mahdavi, Ph.D. 

In The Room Where It Happens: An Investigation of Potential of Regulatory Technology
All About Alpha | February 2020 | Keith Black, CAIA, CFA, FDP


Making MOOCs Better - A Vision for Financial Services 
FDP Institute | Mehrzad Mahdavi & Misha Graboi

A Conversation about Ethics and GDPR, With Guen Dondè of the Institute of Business Ethics
All About Alpha | February 2020 | Keith Black, CAIA, CFA, FDP

What do Race Car Driving and Capital Markets Have In Common?
FDP Institute | August 4, 2020 Mehrzad Mahdavi

Data Scientists Should Do Drugs!
All About Alpha | May 2020 | Keith Black, CAIA, CFA, FDP

Publications by our Partners in the Industry

Beyond hiring: How companies are reskilling to address talent gaps
McKinsey | Survey | February 2020

Skill Shift: Automation and the Future of the Workforce
McKinsey | Discussion Paper | May 2018 

Redefining the role of the leader in the reskilling era
To enable continuous learning, leaders will need to think and act differently.
McKinsey Quarterly | Article | December 2019

Boosting the accessibility of workplace reskilling
How can we ensure that everyone has the skills needed to thrive in the 21st century? Three experts sketch out a vision.         
McKinsey Quarterly | Article | December 2019

Beyond hiring: How companies are reskilling to address talent gaps
As potential skill shortages loom, a new survey finds that many companies are using multiple tactics to close gaps and that reskilling efforts are paying off.
McKinsey Organization | Survey | February 2020

Retraining and reskilling workers in the age of automation
Executives increasingly see investing in retraining and “upskilling” existing workers as an urgent business priority that companies, not governments, must lead on.
McKinsey Global Institute | Article | January 2019

The executive’s AI playbook
 It’s time to break out of pilot purgatory and more effectively apply artificial intelligence and advanced analytics throughout your organization. McKinsey’s interactive playbook can help.
McKinsey Analytics | Interactive | November 2018 

Are we long – or short - on talent?
By looking at their supply of skills and talent in a new light today, organizations can take actions that better prepare their companies for tomorrow’s challenges.
McKinsey Quarterly | Article | January 2019

Leading your Organization to Responsible AI
Company values can offer a compass for the appropriate application of AI, but CEOs must provide employees with further guidance.
McKinsey Analytics | Article | May 2019

Skill shift: Automation and the future of the workforce
McKinsey Global Institute | Discussion Paper | May 2018

Jobs lost, Jobs gained: Workforce transition in a time of automation.
In an era marked by rapid advances in automation and artificial intelligence, new research assesses the jobs lost and jobs gained under different scenarios through 2030
McKinsey Global Institute | Report | November 2017

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